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Register Registration is required to secure access to your home music library.
Based on registration information, Muzecast Player will be able to find your computer on Internet. Each user gets personalized access to their library, playlists, ratings, statistics and forum.

All sensitive information transmitted over the Internet is encrypted using proprietary algorithm.

You can register either by visiting Muzecast Forum or by installing Muzecast Desktop Streaming Server and complete registration form in Muzecast Configurator by clicking Click here to Register link.


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Once you registered and created your own Muzecast User Name and Password you can use this User Name and Password in Muzecast Music Streamer.

If Muzecast Music Streamer is signed in under different account and you want to sign in using another user name, navigate to Muzecast Settings->Security and click "Current User" item to sign out. Next time you start Muzecast it will ask you for user name and password.

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One Library - multiple users

Muzecast provides ability for multiple users to access a single library. Users can be added by sending an invitation code by library owner to a friend or a family member via email, SMS or any other way Android allows you to send shared information.
To send Invitation
  • go to Muzecast Music Streamer Settings->Security
  • click Invite a friend item to send an Invitation to a friend or family member to access your library from their Android device.
This invitation will allow others register (create their own user name and password) and play music from your library.
Please note that invitation, if not used, will expire in 3 hours.

If you received an invitation message from your friend, click the link: “I got Invite from a friend” on Sign In Screen and you will be navigated to the same Sign In screen where User Name will be prefilled with user name: Invite, and for password you have to enter Invitation Code you received in the message.

When Invitation code is validated, you will be prompted to register as a friend to get access to the Music Library of your friend you received invitation from, as you see on the screenshot on the left.

Friend Invitation is available in Muzecast Music Streamer version 4.4 and up and Muzecast Streaming Server 4.2 and up.